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The Internet opened many doors to the world. Not only can you email, see and talk to anyone in the world but you can also conduct a business and reach every home all over the world. It’s like a mall but with 4 billion customers. Sounds ideal doesn’t it? Well it is.

With just a simple website, you can advertise to millions of people on the Internet. You don’t even need any money either. There are a number of ways to make money online. You can sell products, services or advertisements. You choose how you want to make money.

You can sell your products or someone else’s via affiliates. When you sell affiliate products, you earn a commission on each product you sell. Commissions run from 3% – 75% depending on the product. You don’t have to package or ship anything either. You just promote the products via a link and earn a commission. It’s pretty simple.

You can also make money via advertising. You place ads on your website. When visitors click on the ads, your earn money. Google AdSense is the best pay-per-click affiliate. You can earn from $0.10 0 $5.00 per click. It’s easy money.

So this sounds really simple huh? Well there is hard work involved in order to earn some descent money. You will need to get traffic to your website. This is not easy. Websites that get lots of traffic are typically large with lots of good, unique content and backlinks. The more content you have the more traffic you will be able to get. Adding backlinks will also increase your traffic via search engines.

Search engine traffic is the best source of traffic and Google is the biggest search engine with the most traffic. Yahoo is pretty good also. Set your sights on Google.

Study the search engines and use the trial method to discover what gets you the most traffic. Do not rely on ebooks or bloggers or webmaster forums. They don’t always know what works. Most are just trying to sell you something. Beware of them.

Experiment and see what works.

Earn cash online and be your own boss.

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